Garage Weather Stripping: What is it and How is it Done?

Garage Door In The Winter

Garage door weather stripping is a highly effective solution for homeowners seeking to enhance your garage's functionality, safety and comfort. If you're unfamiliar with this service, our enthusiastic technicians stand ready to make sure your garage is a secure home extension. Recognizing its role as the primary defense against intruders, we are committed to implementing necessary measures to improve your family's safety.

What is Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Picture a scenario where a garage door seal is strategically placed on both sides and at the bottom of your garage door. This comprehensive sealing effectively insulates your garage from external weather, maintaining an ideal temperature. Our proficient technicians in the Seattle Metropolitan Area can promptly install two types of garage door seals for you. The first type is the bottom-of-the-door weather stripping, and the second is the garage door side seal. These weatherstripping elements, featuring rubber door seals, render your garage an impenetrable enclave, impervious to external elements. This is a necessary garage door repair since the weather stripping gets worn over time and is a garage door service we provide. 

What Does Weather Stripping Prevent?

Pests in your home due to not weatherstripping

You may question, "I'm familiar with weather stripping, but why is it essential? What problems does it tackle?" Allow us at The Garage Door Works to inform you that weatherstripping is crucial to your garage door and home, offering protection against numerous issues.

Pest Control

When a technician visits your home, we will seal the sides of your garage door and install a bottom door seal beneath the garage threshold, effectively preventing pests like cockroaches, ants, and rodents from entering your garage and home. Weatherstripping is crucial for keeping these pests out, as they can carry diseases that may pose a risk to your children or pets.

Temperature Regulation

Weatherstripping also allows your garage to remain comfortable throughout the year by creating a complete seal around its perimeter. This seal retains cool or warm air inside the garage, maintaining a cozy environment regardless of the season. With weatherstripping in place, you can avoid the discomfort of stepping into freezing or burning temperatures when returning home.


We mentioned that the hot or cool air will stay in your garage, but the added benefit is that you save on electricity. When you do not have weatherstripping installed on your garage door, that leaves all the elements to get into the garage, causing it to get overly hot or cold, and your thermometer in your home recognizes this. Without weatherstripping, your house overcompensates for the extra temperature, and your house tries to heat the house more or cool it down. Therefore, when you install weatherstripping on your garage door, your electricity bill drops substantially. What other reason do you need besides that?

How is Weatherstripping Installed?

Garage Doors in Seattle

If you require weatherstripping for your garage door, don't hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Weatherstripping can significantly enhance your home for various reasons, including potential savings on your electricity expenses. A garage that is free from pests and offers a comfortable environment year-round is a desirable prospect. So, if you ever find your garage feeling too cold during winter or excessively warm in summer, think about weatherstripping—it could be the solution you're seeking. Call The Garage Door Works for assistance if you're in the Greater Seattle Area. We're here seven days a week, dedicated to delivering the finest customer service experience for residential garage users.

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