Let Us Tune Up the Garage Door at Your Greater Seattle, WA Home

If your home features a garage door, it’s imperative that you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. Properly maintaining your garage door can minimize the risk of any issues occurring, thereby keeping your home and family safe and sparing you the hassle of dealing with a malfunctioning door. Proactive garage door maintenance can also save you money by reducing the amount that you could potentially have to spend on repairs or a full replacement.

Fortunately, if you’re in the Greater Seattle, Washington region, you won’t need to look far for someone to tune up your garage door. Simply turn to The Garage Door Works, one of the Seattle metro area’s leading residential garage door companies. We’re pleased to offer a wide range of garage door maintenance services for homeowners in this community, including our signature “lube and tune” service.

What Do Our Garage Door Tune-Ups Include?

At The Garage Door Works, we prioritize our customers’ safety and convenience. That’s why we offer our “lube and tune” service, which involves checking that each and every component of your garage door is functioning properly. When you sign up for this service, our experienced technicians will lubricate and tune all of your garage door’s moving parts, balance your garage door, and adjust your garage door’s settings as needed. Plus, as with all of our garage door services, we’ll perform a 26-point safety inspection.


Garage doors contain numerous moving parts, including chains, hinges, rollers, and springs. Lubrication minimizes friction between those components, making it easier for the door to open and close. If your garage door isn’t sufficiently lubricated, it could become excessively noisy and eventually break down. While all garage doors require regular lubrication, this type of maintenance is especially important in coastal areas like Greater Seattle, since saltwater causes metal parts to corrode more quickly than they normally would.


It’s common for garage doors to become imbalanced over time (for example, due to frayed cables or misaligned rollers). When this happens, it places excessive strain on the lifting system, which can damage the opener. In some cases, an imbalanced garage door can also force cables and springs to snap, causing the door to unexpectedly fall down. Imbalanced garage doors often appear to be uneven when they’re opening and closing, but you should also pay attention to whether your door is making any strange sounds or taking longer than usual to open or close.

Settings Adjustment

Garage door openers come with settings that determine how far the door opens and closes. If your garage door’s settings are off, it could prevent your door from opening all the way, which could make it difficult for you to drive your vehicle in and out of your garage. Incorrect settings can also cause a garage door to bounce back up after closing.

Schedule Your Garage Door Tune-Up

If your garage door needs a tune-up, contact The Garage Door Works today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and arrange a visit to your Greater Seattle, WA home at a date and time that’s convenient for you.

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